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Month: July 2016

You. Are. Ready.

  In August 2002, my racing had turned to a quiet place – it was idle.  Lynda and I had just bought our house, and the sheer volume of necessary work to make it our home was overwhelming.  For the first time since 1998, I wasn’t going to be lining up at Ironman Canada.  I felt lost, rudderless, unsure of just what to do with myself. So when race-week came, I wrote this.  It was sent to the Triathletes of the Dead Runners Society List-Serv on August 20, 2002 as a way to give my heart, and all this passion looking for a place to go, somewhere to just be.  Somewhere to let those feelings run down the course, beyond the sunset,…

140.6 Reasons

The cycle of sentimentality is as perennial as the seasons.  When we turn away from June and into July, I always find myself recalling the days long since passed when I was putting down miles, miles, and more miles, en route towards the inevitable end of another Ironman summer.  From 1998 through 2003, every year had a set cycle – a rhythm of slow ascent that crawled in January, February, March, picked up some tempo in April and May, and then went absolutely vertical from there until race day. At the end of the build comes “The Taper.”  This is the three-week long cut-down in mileage where you desperately try and allow the body to rest up, while at the same time you…

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