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Month: January 2016

Lost in Translation

Last week I was waiting at the local Toyota dealership while getting the usual routine service done.  We’ve all been there: You go in for what you hope will just be a quick and easy oil change, cheap and that’s where the Game Show begins.  You know that throughout the entire time you’re there – until you’re signing the papers and getting the keys back – there’s a chance that someone is going to come find you with a page, illness or worse yet, diagnosis several pages of things discovered during that routine check that will suddenly start burning through cash like a West Point Cadet going through a bar on a weekend furlough. As I sat in my chair waiting things…

Do. Not. Quit.

Do. Not. Quit. It’s the second Monday of the New Year. At the risk of being cold: I don’t care how badly you feel, online how tired you say you are, or how much you tell me you want to give up, please don’t quit. I don’t need to know what made you decide to make the change: If you didn’t like something about you and you want to make it different, that’s enough for me.  You have good intentions, you had energy to start things off, but the issue you have right now is a tough, albeit temporary one, it’s one of timing. Because of what the calendar says, this is the most popular time of year for people to start…

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