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Month: December 2015

Santa And The White Flag

“So when are we going to see Santa this year?  Christmas is only two more weeks, sale and we haven’t seen him yet!” Our daughter is ten years old, prostate and normally a question like that around Christmas would be the kind of thing you’d want to grab onto with both hands. For a ten year old to still want to talk to Santa, that’s a pleasant surprise. By age ten children are definitely starting to understand the world around them; there’s a lot less magic to be found, less awe, and often disappointment tinged with, “Awww…” when they begin to grasp the reality that’s been in front of them all this time.  As parents we look to the child to grow,…

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Rear View Mirror

Every year when we approach the end of December, find I write a year-end summary for inclusion in our Christmas Cards.  I know that many times when you get a year-end letter, it’s easy to crinkle your knows at the overly optimistic tone.  I look at some of them and see that everything is sunny, bright, cheery, and carefree.  Their travels were perfect, the kids are usually all captured looking well-behaved, fit, and lovely. And I think to myself, “Who the f*ck looks like this?” Nobody, that’s who.  It’s part of the folly of the season, to somehow share this image of family and perfection that is patently absurd, because we all know it – those glimpses of perfection are fleeting at…

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Darkness Into Light

“I feel great! Took it easy in the first half, sovaldi sale and I have lots left in the tank!” There are very few rules for running a marathon, but there are certain mores that have to be honored. One of them is that if you feel good, you never, ever broadcast this to the runners around you. I didn’t know who said it, but I pretty much wished for a piano to fall out of the sky on him right then and there. It’s one thing to feel good in a marathon, but beaming about it…that’s just asking for trouble. I took some delight in watching the heads on those around me pivot to the right with the same slow, purposeful…

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