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Month: November 2015

Fighting Demons

I hate tapering. It is the ultimate “Grass is Always Greener” Pasture of Muppets sort of never-ending plummet that I still haven’t come to grips with in almost 30 years of racing.  Despite thinking that it’ll be the ultimate recharge for a weary body, sovaldi sale it never seems to feel the way I hope it will. For the unitiated, sovaldi the “Taper” is the cutback in mileage that you must do at the end of a long (many month) training cycle to allow the body to recuperate and be at its sharpest for race day.  When the hard work is done, and the final hard workouts have been put behind you, it is with a sense of welcome relief that “The…

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September 12, 2001

I knew that yesterday while on the Field Trip with Katie’s class, discount there would be a lot of questions following our time at the 9/11 Memorial. I know she’s aware of the event, but we really haven’t dug deeply into the how, the why, and the who. And then came Paris. Yesterday. While we were looking at the memorial for another day the world was pushed towards darkness, but came back. This morning we talked about it. All of it. I said to Lynda, “I think it’s time for the letter.” She knew what I meant – it’s been there for this moment. I wrote a letter to my child on September 12, 2001, at 3:46PM. I sent it out to…

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First Families

“Three deep breaths…” I reminded her.  “Relax.  Don’t give it the death grip.” I was just repeating the advice I’d been told a hundred times on a hundred start lines; such a simple thing that always seemed to take that edge off.  She took two good breaths, cialis looked over the water to her right, buy viagra and exhaled just a bit as the paddle rested on the gunwale.  “Once we get moving, here you’ll be too busy to be scared…” I reminded her. “I hope so…” she breathed out.   Back in January 2014, Jim Morris sent me an email that opened with, “I’ve got a crazy idea…”  He had my attention immediately.  “I want to put together a team for…

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Sisyphus and the Wild Kingdom

While this is normally a racing sort-of site, you’ll have to allow me the occasional detour for another kind of story. Because when something absurd comes along that has nothing to do with running, training, racing, or other semi-high-speed pursuits, I should go with it. In our house we have four cats. I’ll spare you the details of how that arrangement came to be, so let’s just say that if you feed a stray, and she has kittens on your porch, and you end up adopting them all because your five-year old daughter says, “We have to keep them, because you can’t break up a family…” That’s how you end up with four cats. This means we have four full-time, well-fed, furry…

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