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Month: October 2015

Turning Points

It only took a half-step, sick but I knew instantly that I was in big trouble. As my weight toppled into space, I knew I was going to be in for a hard fall. My emotional cycle wasted no time checking off shock (“OW! SH*T!”), denial, (“This can’t be happening!”), anger, (“ARGH!”), but was looking right past bargaining (“Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.”), and zeroing in on acceptance, (“Well, F*ck.”). A few hours earlier in the day I’d gotten a stepladder out of the garage to change a light bulb in the hallway. I’d put the ladder back, but in doing so had knocked one of the yardwork sneakers that lived in the garage from its former stashed location under the…

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Cramping My Style

When the 2015 IDBF Dragon Boat World Championships ended in August, site another two-year cycle of trying to make the team, making the team, hanging onto my spot on the team, and wearing the National kit came to a close. While the racing takes five days (Wednesday through Sunday), the plummet into a bottomless pit comes on Monday morning when you wake up, and for the first time in two years, you don’t have a race to prepare for. When I raced Ironman, the day after it all ended was every bit as traumatic. The “Post-Ironman Blues” is the official moniker, but it so much deeper than blue – trust me. You wake up physically spent, emotionally drained, and pretty much incapable…

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The Runner’s High

One of my colleagues at work remarked the other day, “Hey Mina, so I read this study that says running – that ‘runners high’ thing that you and Jeremy go out and seek – is actually almost as good as getting stoned!”  I’d read the same study, and answered, “It’s pretty wild – years ago a biochemist actually broke down the substances in endorphins, and they turned out to be 50 times more potent than heroin.  Your body MAKES that stuff when you need it.” Of course, the conversation took a predictable turn.  “Great!”  He replied, “I’ll leave that crazy running sh*t to you guys, and just tell the boss I’ll light up a spliff now and again – same high, better…

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Embracing Mistakes

Last night Lynda and I attended our first quarter Parent/Teacher conference, sales the usual review of how things were going with the little lady. We’re lucky that she’s in a great little school with a great peer group, and they tend to do things in 4th grade that I’m not even sure I was doing in 6th grade.   Maybe that’s just how you end up looking back to something from 34 years ago, but it’s pretty cool to see the foundation you hope will carry a mind forward through life taking shape, one block at a time. The teacher had one comment regarding Katie and her pursuits so far this year, “She hates, hates, HATES when she makes a mistake. They all…

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The Dog Run

There are about seven weeks to go to the Philadelphia Marathon, site my traditional year-end run around the City of Brotherly Love. Assuming my legs stay together for the rest of the buildup, this will be my 18th Philly, and 38th marathon. Not that I know what I’m doing at this distance (I don’t), or how to run it well (out of those 38, I consider maybe five to be “good”), far from it. What’s amazing to me is that even after all this time, things can happen on any given day that make me go, “Wait, what, seriously?” When I do my mid-day runs from my office, I don’t have a lot of options. I can go three different directions from…

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