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Month: September 2015

The Spin Cycle

Originally published as a two-part special over Thanksgiving Weekend in November 2002, this would become one of the most popular pieces I ever wrote for Xtri.  A heavily-edited, unhealthy abridged version of this tale appeared in the Casagrande Press book, “Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures” in 2007, but that focused on what we’ll simply call, “The Incident.” This is how I’d originally written it. Last month after 8 weeks of paperwork, faxes, contracts, waivers, clearances, and a note from my doctor, I was able to complete the final bureaucratic hurdle between myself and something I’ve been after since May of 2001: I was finally able to join my company gym.  That meant there would be no more cutting out to the YMCA mid-day, no…

Rebuild, Reset, Restart

I have had a website since 2000.  The original was a Front Page monstrosity that was about as stable as wet dynamite, sale with a set of Navigation Controls that read about as easily as a Hong Kong Underground Transit Map.  I was writing for at the time, a triathlon website that gave me my first “real” publishing gig, and gave me the beginnings of an audience for my attempts at making sense of racing, of life. I tried to upgrade the site in 2013 – even bought a WordPress setup.  Got about two weeks in, posted a few archived race reports, and then completely lost the plot.  Training, a new job, life – the things that usually fight for your…

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